Alda Gazzoni

“An investigation into what appears, into the human body, is the heart of my aesthetics. I like to search the female body, the human body, genre is a non-essential element. Before opening towards the other, each individual feels the primitive need to look inside, starting from their own shell. We engage in a complex fight to see beyond heavy lies and outside layers. My works do not try to be kind to obtain an orderly harmony at all costs. I do not pursue beauty, I do not delete errors and noise. The main subject of my vision is the feeling through the evolution of the body. As we abode the skin or break the mass understood as the means, which allows us to perceive the tactile reality, the casing which contains the spirit, we comprehend the focus of our world, before we exit self to become social universe.”

Alda has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand and Russia. She has exhibited in major cities in Italy, such as Rome, Milan and Ferrara and is currently based in Italy.

Born: 17th October 1970
Lives and works:
yes, she does.

Photography, Painting, Art history, Accademia di Belle Arti, Urbino
1989 – 1998
Interpreters and Translators Degree, Bologna University
1991 – 1992
Social and Language Studies, Portsmouth University

Scholarship,British Film Institute

Solo Exhibitions / Personali
Elevations at CircolOff, Ancona
Equilibrismi di Luce, Spello Photo Fest
Equilibrismi di Luce, Galleria Comunale di Arte Moderna Ex Pescheria, Cesena
Bassein – Fotconfronti OFF, Bologna

PANZER– Galleria San Biagio Cesena
The Unification of Italy– SI Fest OFF, Savignano sul Rubicone
uno, integral scapes
– Galleria Comunale di Arte Moderna Ex Pescheria, Cesena

1123 Lumen
, September 2010 – SI Fest OFF Savignano sul Rubicone

Two person exhibitions

de Apocalypsi Corporis, with Lucio Lai, – Galleria Palazzo della Racchetta (Ferrara, Italy)

Selected group exhibitions / Collettive
HOME, Villa Torlonia – San Mauro Pascoli
The Body, Merlin Art Gallery – Florence
EXPO Bologna 2013
Galleria Wikiarte
Intra Landoj, Trama tra Terre
Mostra Contemporanea, Menticalde Galley, Lecce
Versioni del reale dell”immaginario – Forum Artis Museum, Modena
Il Dominio della Carne, Studio Iroko, Milan
Ma…donne – Casa Internazionale delle Donne, Rome
Il corpo della donna attraverso il linguaggio dell”arte – Ex Chiesa della Maddalena, Pesaro
Via dell’Appennino
– Oratorio San Sebastiano, Forlì

Private and public collections
Musinf, Senigallia
Ass. Tonino Guerra
Palazzo della Racchetta

Articles and reviews
Forum Artis – Contemporary Fine Art Magazine n.28 March 2011
RD n.51 April 2012

Maestro Tonino Guerra said of Alda”s work:

Art Critic Fabio Tedeschi said of Alda: